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Our mission is to collaborate with employers and employees to build respectful workplaces by providing high-quality training, objective and unbiased workplace complaint investigations, human resources and employment law expert testimony, and a wide range of human resources consulting services.


Our consultants, all licensed employment law attorneys, have delivered highly customized training for employers of all types and sizes and across all types of industries for more than 20 years. Our classes cover topics from sexual harassment to diversity, communication skills to the fundamentals of effective management. We work closely with human resource professionals, in-house and outside counsel, and leadership to tailor training courses that meet specific needs and goals – both to remain compliant and build respectful workplaces.

Our trainers not only bring a thorough knowledge of employee relations and legal ramifications to workplace behavior, but also practical experience with employee relations challenges to each class. EPS training courses are unique in their customization – including integration of company policies, hypothetical situations that are specific to the workplace and videos filled with scenarios designed to promote discussion, interaction and mostly importantly – retention of key concepts.


Workplace complaint investigations, when handled properly, minimize risk and help to avoid costly litigation and judgments. Our well-trained, impartial and thorough investigators – all licensed employment law attorneys - understand the importance of confidentiality, the investigative process, documentation and employment law is critical.


When human resources departments lack resources or specific expertise in specialized areas, outsourcing can be both efficient and economical. Our consultants, all of whom are licensed attorneys, can assist employers by providing consultation on an array of projects that require special expertise.

Our consultants work closely with management teams, human resources professionals and in-house counsel on consulting services including Affirmative Action Plans, employee complaint hotlines, expert witness services including consulting and testimony, policies and handbooks and human resource audits.