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  • Do Biased Managers Decrease Workplace Performance?

    A recent Harvard study showed that “when managers hold negative beliefs, even unconscious ones, about minority workers, minority employees perform much worse than they do with unbiased bosses.” The study’s author called the manager bias a “self-fulfilling” prophecy.

  • Timing Sends Age Discrimination Case Forward

    The Cooper Health System employed Michael Ciecka as a radiology technician from 2000 to 2014. He received good performance evaluations. In both 2013 and 2014, his performance was rated over as “exceeds expectations.” He was given high scores for his abilities on operating room technology.

  • Prudent AT&T Prevails Against ADA Claim

    Kristen Williams worked for AT&T’s call center in Memphis. She was responsible for answering calls related to technical support and billing. When any customer service representative took an unscheduled leave, those calls had to spread to the other representatives, which resulted in higher call loads and slower response time to customers. AT&T monitored all “unscheduled time away” via a point system.

  • Facebook Opens Up Leave Policy For Working Moms

    Many companies have made headlines over the last couple of years because they have expanded the amount of parental leave for their employees and many companies have included fathers in that leave.

  • Stale Cake Firing May Have Masked Gender Bias

    Katie Mayes, a single mother of seven kids, supervised the night shift freight crew at a grocery store owned by WinCo Holdings, Inc. She also had a leadership position on the store’s safety committee.

  • Employee’s Fun Night Out Shuts Down FMLA Interference Claim

    Fredrick Capps worked as a dough mixer for Mondelez Global LLC. Mr. Capps suffered from Avasular Necrosis, which caused severe pain in his pelvic and leg region. When the pain came on, he needed full bed rest until it subsided. Based on his doctor’s note, Mondelez certified him for intermittent leave during these flare-ups.

  • Professor Gets to Go Forward on Title IX Retaliation Case

    Dale Wilkerson was a non-tenured professor at the University of North Texas. He was a lecturer in the Department of Religion and Philosophy.

  • Big Verdict Against Lockheed Martin For Age Discrimination

    Lockheed Martin Corp. has been ordered by a New Jersey jury to pay $51.5 million in damages (including $50 million in punitive damages) to a former engineer

  • FMLA’s Intermittent Leave Can Be Tricky For Employers

    An employer’s rescission of intermittent leave for financial reasons led to a jury verdict against it.