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  • Required Handshake With Harasser Definitely Step Too Far

    Maria Gracia worked for SigmaTron International, Inc. as an assembly supervisor. After eight years of satisfactory work performance, she began to be harassed by a production manager who supervised her.

  • IBM Letters Reflect Difficulty Navigating Current Political Climate

    IBM CEO Ginni Rometty publicly published a letter to president-elect Donald Trump. In that letter, she offered her support and she enumerated areas that she believed will help grow the American economy.

  • EEOC Issues Final Guidance on National Origin Discrimination

    For the first time in fourteen years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has updated its guidance on national origin discrimination. This new guidance provides detailed information on a wide variety of employment situations involving national origin and gives employers suggestions to reduce their risk of engaging in such discrimination.

  • Georgia Power Agrees to Pay $1.5 Million For Disability Discrimination

    The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) brought suit on behalf of 24 employees claiming disability discrimination by Georgia Power Company. These employees asserted that Georgia Power refused to hire applicants and fired employees based on their disabilities because they believed these employees could not safely perform their jobs.

  • Being Nicer is Not a Reasonable Accommodation

    Holly Hargett has suffered from epileptic seizures since childhood. Even with medication, she has remained at risk for suffering seizures. About eight years into her employment with Florida Atlantic University (“FAU”), Ms. Hargett alerted them to the fact that she was epileptic, that her seizures were often brought on by high “tension and stress,” and that she considered her work environment stressful.

  • Saved By The Bell: Overtime Rule Halted

    The U.S. Department of Labor’s new overtime regulations, expected to go into effect on Dec. 1, 2016, are now on indefinite hold.

  • Customer Satisfaction Justified Termination Of ADA Protected Employee

    Jodie Kelley worked for Amazon as a customer service representative. She handled questions from customers and tried to resolve their complaints. She had endometriosis and suffered from migraine headaches, which required her to take intermittent leave. By 2010, her customer “Expressed Dissatisfaction Rate (“EDR”) showed that her performance with customers had declined. She was unable to successfully cure her issues and Amazon fired her. She sued for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

  • Employer’s Honest Belief Once Again Overcomes ADA Claim

    Excel Mining, LLC had a strict no-tolerance policy for drug use with one just exception. If the employee informed Excel about a prescription drug use and Excel’s doctor advised that it was safe to use the drug, then the employee would keep his or her position.

  • “Drama” Creating Mental Disability Must Be Accommodated

    Eymarde Lawler taught students with learning disabilities in Peoria School District No. 150 (“Peoria”). Her employment with Peoria was always satisfactory until she suffered a relapse of her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”). The PTSD was brought on by a problematic relationship with the principal of her school. She asked for a leave of absence.