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Executive Coaching

EPS’s executive coaching may cover a wide variety of topic including:

  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Effective Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Navigating the Workplace as a Manager/Executive
  • Conflict Resolution

EPS works closely with the employer to identify key objectives for the employee. An EPS consultant, a licensed employment law attorney, will meet with the employee one-on-one and establish a comfortable setting for the coached individual to explore issues in an environment not burdened by organizational biases or hierarchy, thus allowing for frank and effective discussion.

Executive coaching may consist of a single session or a series of meetings (in person, over the phone and/or video chat) depending on the organization’s goals, the employee's needs, and availability. The employee will often complete a comprehensive self-analysis, various assessments during the course of the coaching session and will develop a detailed action plan with time-bound self-contracts related to their learning and goals.

EPS believes the role of the coach is to engage in a non-judgmental dialogue with the trainee, encourage honest discourse and reflection, and draw answers out of the employee with an emphasis on creative problem solving, sound decision making, and practical, application-oriented results.