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Federal EEO Investigations

Federal entities must be prepared to conduct fair and impartial investigations into complaints and allegations of misconduct. Objective and impartial fact-finding is a necessary prerequisite to taking appropriate and meaningful action and to developing a viable action plan with a sound factual basis that is provided by an impartial investigation.

Our well-trained, impartial, and thorough investigators understand the idiosyncrasies of the federal process, the importance of confidentiality, the investigative process, appropriate documentation, and current employment law. In addition:

  • EPS is a certified GSA provider;
  • We have Certified EEO Counselors on staff;
  • We are a Certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise;
  • We are an enrolled entity with the System for Award Management (SAM);
  • In addition to having conducted thousands of complaint investigations for non-government entities, each member of our certified EEO investigations team has undergone 32 hours of training including an exploration of the federal EEO discrimination complaint process, the role and responsibilities of the EEO investigator, theories of discrimination, interviewing techniques, and report writing required to investigate federal sector EEO complaints.