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At EPS, we work closely with both employers and employees to build respectful workplaces through customized training programs, impartial complaint investigations, expert testimony in employment law, and a host of comprehensive human resources consulting services. We work closely with both employers and employees to achieve this goal.


With over 25 years of experience, our team of licensed employment law attorneys and senior human resources professionals specialize in delivering customized training programs live, live via webcast, and on-demand. We have worked with a diverse range of organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, government entities, higher education institutions, and nonprofits.

Our courses encompass various topics such as sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, and effective management skills. We collaborate closely with human resource professionals, in-house and outside counsel, and organizational leaders to create customized courses that align with each organization's specific needs and objectives. Our trainers bring a unique blend of knowledge, practical experience, and legal and human resources expertise to each class. Our team sets us apart as does our commitment to customization, incorporating organization-specific policies, hypothetical scenarios, and interactive videos that foster discussion and retention of key concepts.


Complaint investigations, when handled properly, minimize risk and help to avoid costly litigation and judgments. Our well-trained, impartial, and thorough investigators have delivered 1000's of investigations and understand the importance of confidentiality, the investigative process, documentation and employment law.

Outsourcing specialized areas of expertise can offer efficiency and cost-effectiveness for organizations lacking resources or specific knowledge within their human resources departments. Working closely with leadership teams, human resources professionals, and in-house counsel, our services include expert witness services, policy development, inclusion and engagement consulting, climate and individual assessments, and policy and handbook development.