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About Us

Our Mission

For more than 25 years, we have collaborated with organizations nationwide to build respect through high-quality training, objective and unbiased complaint investigations, human resources and employment law expert testimony, and a wide range of human resources consulting services. 

Why Choose EPS vs. Other Human Resources Consulting Firms?

We distinguish ourselves from other human resources consulting firms in important ways.

Our Background

EPS was founded in 1996 by two attorneys and an entrepreneur who understood the benefits of building respect within organizations and recognized the opportunity to collaborate with them to move toward their own respectful, productive, and engaged environments.

Our client base has grown to include Fortune 100 companies, small businesses of all types, government entities, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit organizations. Our expertise in creating customized, highly interactive and high impact training, conducting timely, thorough and impartial investigations, and delivering insightful expert witness and consulting services has made EPS the leading source for those services nationwide.

About EPS

Our Mission

EPS Vs Other HR Firms