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  • Jimmy Iovine Is Latest Music Executive Accused of Sexual Harassment

    An unnamed woman filed a complaint in a New York court against Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine. The lawsuit alleges the woman “suffered as a result of being sexually abused, forcibly touched, and subjected to sexual harassment and retaliation in violation of anti-discrimination laws in or around August 2007.”

  • No Real Consequences Imposed on Amazon For High Rate of Workplace Injuries

    A twenty-year-old Amazon employee died at an Amazon distribution center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in May 2023. Following an 11-week investigation, Indiana safety officials concluded that Amazon failed to ensure a workplace "free from recognized hazards that were causing or likely to cause death." The penalty is a $7,000 fine, the state's maximum for a serious safety citation.

  • Fifth Circuit Overrules NLRB and Upholds Tesla’s Uniform Policy

    The United Auto Workers filed an unfair labor practice charge on behalf of Tesla employees. Section of the National Labor Relations Act provides legal protections for employees to self-organize, form, and join unions and engage in concerted activities to use their collective power to bargain. The UAW believes Tesla violated Section 7 because it requires all employees to wear an assigned uniform – black T-shirts with Tesla logos.

  • Gender Bias Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Amazon

    Three female employees (Caroline Wilmuth, Katherine Schomer, and Erin Combs) allege Amazon assigns women staffers to lower job titles for the same roles held by men at higher titles and larger salaries.

  • Managing Director Sues Citibank for Sexual Harassment

    Ardith Lindsay alleges Mani Singh, the former head of cash equity execution services for Citibank, was abusive – fueled by alcohol and drug use – and threatened to destroy her career and reputation if she refused his advances.

  • Former Fox News Reporter Alleges Fox Fired Him For Protesting January 6 Coverage

    Jason Donner was a Capitol Hill reporter and producer at Fox News for 12 years. He says the network fired him after he spoke out against its coverage of Donald Trump's false claims of a stolen election and the storming of the Capitol building on January 6.

  • Neurodiverse Employees More Likely to Speak Up

    The Schulich School of Business at York University conducted a study entitled: "Organizational benefits of neurodiversity: Preliminary findings on autism and the bystander effect." Based on the survey, autistic employees were much more likely to speak up and voice concerns if they observed problems in their work environment.

  • Does Remote Work Improve Career Opportunities for Women?

    A New York Times article asked experts whether the increased opportunities for hybrid work will likely benefit women in their careers. The answer is unclear.

  • What Else Do You Offer: Impact of Pay Transparency Laws

    ZipRecruiter says it is becoming standard practice for employers to include salary information in job postings, with 72% of respondents saying they post that information. Around 50% to 60% of employers total have salary ranges posted on ZipRecruiter.