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  • EEOC Publishes Final Rule on Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

    The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act went into effect in June 2023. This month, the EEOC issued its final regulations and guidance for the new Act. The law requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers for known limitations related to their pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. Employers must engage in an interactive process and may reduce their obligation to accommodate with a showing of undue hardship such as significant difficulty or expense.

  • Work Grind May Lead to Illness and Depression by 50

    A recent study examined how the changes to work caused by digital and tech advances and a bigger service economy impact our health. These changes include more irregular work hours and low or unpredictable wages for workers. The National Longitudinal Study of Youth-1979 gathered over thirty years of data from more than 7,000 Americans. Just one-quarter of the participants worked only the traditional work hours during the day.

  • Supreme Court Clarifies Standard For Sex Discrimination Claims

    A lateral transfer can cause sufficient harm to support a sex bias claim, per the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Muldrow v. City of St. Louis, Missouri. Employment attorneys told the New York Times that the court's ruling, which seemingly lowered the standard for bringing claims, could result in more discrimination cases, including reverse discrimination claims against some DEI programs.

  • New Federal Workforce Rule Intended To Make It Harder To Fire For Political Reasons

    The Office of Personnel Management issued new regulations to make it harder for government officials to reclassify career civil servants into political appointees. Reclassifying these employees would make them at-will employees whom officials could more easily fire from their jobs. Approximately 4,000 federal employees are currently considered political and change with each president.

  • Gen Z Wants Employer Feedback and May Leave If They Don’t Get It

    Generation Z, the youngest members of the workplace, has "clear expectations" about feedback, according to an article in the Washington Post. They want "timely, collaborative, empathetic and balanced" feedback from their employers. For supervisors who delay addressing issues directly or focus only on what went wrong, these young employees may move on to a workplace that works better for them.

  • Researchers Found Racial Discrimination From Resume Experiment

    Researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research sent 80,000 resumes to apply for 10,000 jobs at 100 companies from 2019 to 2021. They created resumes and used varying names to suggest white or Black and male or female candidates. All of the positions were entry-level. Their research showed that employers reached out to applicants with white-sounding names 9.5% more than individuals with Black-sounding names.

  • Delaware County’s DEI Officer Fired After Complaining of Race Discrimination

    Lauren Footman was Delaware County's first diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, beginning her work in April 2022. She has filed a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint alleging Chief Administrative Officer Marc Woolley treated her and other Black female employees unfairly.

  • What is Quiet Cutting?

    Per a article, quiet cutting is on the rise in the workplace. Quiet cutting "happens when the employers cut back on an employee's workload, responsibilities, role, or compensation." Employers use it to push employees out the door by encouraging them to quit on their own.

  • Kanye West Sued For Hostile Work Environment

    Kanye West hired Trevor Phillips to oversee "projects related to growing cotton" and other materials to help West's fashion brand become self-sustainable in November 2022. Phillips then worked for West's private school, Donda Academy, near Los Angeles. Phillips alleges West made antisemitic comments around staff members at the Donda Academy, including “the Jews are out to get me” and “the Jews are stealing all my money.”