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Affirmative Action Plans

We assist organizations with every stage of the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) process - including statistical analysis, follow-up research necessary to ensure compliance, and audit assistance.

Why Choose EPS as Your AAP Resource?

  • High-level Expertise. Affirmative action is a specialized area and few organizations have in-house expertise. We provide the expertise to ensure a high quality, compliant plan.
  • Cost-effective. Affirmative action planning requires a steep learning curve and costly software. By outsourcing your AAP to EPS, organizations avoid these costs and receive the highest quality services.
  • Time-saving. Our AAP specialists prepare your organization’s AAP in a timely manner without compromising quality, allowing the organization the opportunity to devote itself to Plan implementation.
  • Audit Assistance. Organizations that have been awarded a federal contract should expect a routine desk audit. Further, if a past audit found deficiencies, it is likely the organization will be audited more frequently. Finally, if the employer’s EEO-1 numbers are rising due to a merger, acquisition or growth, the organization is more likely to get audited. We offers audit assistance in each of these circumstances as part of the AAP service.

AAPs are produced one time in a given year, and must be updated each subsequent year. The Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) conducts spot checks on contractors to ensure AAP completion and that reporting requirements are met. Establishing and maintaining an up-to-date and compliant AAP is critical. 

Our AAP specialists provide the tools necessary to implement an AAP, including:

  • One compliant AAP for each location, including text and statistical reports with supporting charts and graphics.
  • Employment activity reports, with a report on progress toward goal attainment and adverse impact analysis on applicant pools completed at the end of the Plan year.
  • Customized boilerplate text delivered electronically in Microsoft Word format to facilitate the organization’s yearly update. This one-time cost is not billed in subsequent years of Plan preparation by EPS.
  • Training of the organization’s human resources, management, and supervisory staff on AAP implementation and related EEO information.

Remote audit assistance in the event the organization is audited by the OFCCP is included in the AAP. We work directly with the employer and its in-house or outside counsel to manage the audit.

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