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Students Working in Admissions Office Vote to Unionize

The students working in the admissions office at Hamilton College have voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local One. The union announced the 25-20 vote in favor of unionizing on October 12, 2021.

In 2019, the Trump administration proposed a rule that would prohibit students from organizing because “the relationship these students have with their school is predominately educational rather than economic.” The Hamilton vote marks the first such vote by college students since the National Labor Relations Board under the Biden Administration withdrew the proposed rule. It is also the first-time students in an admissions office have formed a union.

Students in Hamilton’s admissions office provide campus tours and work as senior admissions fellows interviewing prospective students. They cite low wages, the work environment, and issues over tours in bad weather and during COVID as some of the issues leading to the formation of their union. Students outside the admissions office reportedly supported the effort as did 42 faculty members who provided an open letter of support. During the union drive, the school did let the students know it would prefer that they not unionize. However, once the students voted, Hamilton College stated it “supports the right of workers to choose what they believe is best for them.” The College further expressed its hope they could work together moving forward and appreciation for the hard work of the students. As the first union of its kind, it is unclear whether student workers at other educational institutions will be interested in following suit.