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Former “Jackass” Cast Member Sues for Wrongful Termination

Bam Margera appeared in the reality television series Jackass, and he continued to work on the franchise’s multiple feature films. In the past few years, Margera has openly shared his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, including his attempts at drug rehab. During one attempt to get sober in 2019, Margera alleges the franchise’s producers approached him with a “Wellness Agreement” that allowed monitoring of his sobriety. According to Margera, the producers told him that if he did not sign the agreement, then he would “face instant termination from the Jackass franchise.”

Margera claims the Agreement required him to submit to three breathalyzer tests a day, two urine tests a week, and regular hair follicle tests. Margera asserted this Agreement took a significant toll on him because the tests were both scheduled and unscheduled and could come in at any hour of the day or night. He claimed he submitted to the “countless” breathalyzer and urinalysis tests without objection or incident. He claimed the Agreement “completely restricted” his ability to travel, work, and “effectively live life.” He also stated that the Agreement required him to take “several pills” every day under the watchful eye of a “doctor hired by Paramount” via FaceTime. Margera submitted to the testing and medication because he understood Paramount would fire him if he did not.

Paramount hired Margera to work on the Jackass Forever feature in March 2020. However, Margera alleges the company fired him in August 2020 for violating the Agreement. Margera claims he did not relapse but was fired for taking Adderall, a medication required to treat his attention deficit disorder. Margera also stated he suffers from bipolar disorder. Margera filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination based on his bipolar disorder and other conditions. He asserted that Paramount violated the law by firing him for taking prescribed medication, and the wellness agreement was “legally unenforceable.” Press reports suggest Margera admitted to an Adderall addiction in the past. It is unknown whether he was taking an amount above his prescribed dosage. He is seeking monetary damages and is attempting to prevent the release of Jackass Forever.