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Another Lawsuit Against Amazon: Employee Accuses Company of Race Discrimination

Charlotte Newman, a 38-year-old Black woman, filed a lawsuit alleging Amazon intentionally paid her and other Black employees less than their white coworkers. Newman stated Amazon Web Services hired her four years ago to work as a public policy manager after she applied for a different higher-level senior manager position. She said the company “de-levels” Black employees, dropping them a level below the job they applied for even though they are qualified. In addition, Newman alleged in her complaint that Amazon pays Black employees less than similarly situated white employees, and there are few Black and female individuals in the upper levels of management.

Newman waited almost three years before being promoted to the level for which she initially applied, and she was already performing the work of a more senior employee. Newman graduated from Harvard Business School and formerly worked as an economic policy advisor to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. She claimed one of her former managers used racial stereotypes to comment on her performance in front of others, calling her “aggressive,” “too direct,” and “just scary.” Newman also alleged a senior male employee sexually harassed her. This male employee allegedly grabbed her upper thigh before asking her to have sex with him. Recode recently reported on internal data showing Black Amazon employees are promoted less frequently and rated more harshly than their white peers.

In its public response to the lawsuit, Amazon asserted, “We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind and thoroughly investigate all claims and take appropriate action.”  The company also stated it is investigating the allegations in the complaint.