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Climate Assessments

Our climate assessments provide a comprehensive review of policies, practices, procedures and strategies, with the objective of identifying opportunities for improvement and establishing best and compliant practices.

An assessment can be an effective response to a specific legal issue, such as a harassment or discrimination complaint, but can also be used to identify potential gaps in competencies and move an organization toward achieving best practices in key human resources practice areas. The assessment may also be used to identify areas in which the organization excels or where there are opportunities for improved efficiency or potential cost savings. An assessment may also be appropriate as part of mergers or acquisition due diligence.

We work with the client to determine the scope of the assessment, which may be comprehensive or focus on discrete areas. Upon completion, a comprehensive report will include recommendations regarding changes to existing practices or the creation of new practices or procedures where needed.

Climate assessments may include:

  • Coaching and counseling practices
  • Hiring and promotion practices
  • Human resources program administration
  • Investigation and complaint process review
  • Leaves of absence administration practices
  • Performance review practices
  • Record keeping practices
  • Termination procedures
  • Training plans
  • Written policies and procedures