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2018 Employment Law Highlights, #MeToo in the Forefront

One year has passed since the allegations against Harvey Weinstein were first aired in the New York Times, and the #MeToo movement began. Since then, according to Bloomberg News, at least "425 prominent people across industries have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct." Countless additional allegations were lodged against less prominent individuals and the consequences continued to reverberate through large and not-so-large companies. Employee walk-outs at Google, scrutiny of non-disclosure agreements and forced arbitration, and harassment policy revamps were undertaken in private and public sector companies across the country.  
Sexual harassment prevention moved to the forefront of many employers' human resources efforts by reigniting their training initiatives after anticipating or dealing with increased accusations of harassment and the subsequent investigations. Our 20+ years of experience on the front lines of these issues kept us engaged in the public dialogue and in our work with our clients to promote respect and prevent harassment.