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EPS Expert Conversation Series: Thriving in a Remote/Hybrid Business Model

We all see it . . . Headlines around remote work continue – “Philadelphia mayor ending remote work policy for all full-time city employees,” “Survey Reports that Remote Employees Forced Back to the Office is Costing a Fortune,” “Remote work beats out salary as the most important thing to employees,” “Fully Remote Companies are the Most Productive, Report Finds.” Some firms are implementing full return to office (RTO) mandates, others are taking a more nuanced approach, balancing hybrid schedules with the organizational benefits.

While the tug of war between RTO mandates and employees’ desire to work remotely continues, HR professionals often find themselves in the position of referee between leadership and employees. How can we work through these issues productively?

In our latest Expert Conversation Series, Jill Rorschach, Esq., President/Shareholder of EPS and Sheri Paulo, EPS Consultant discuss this tension and more. The discussion leverages Sheri's approach to successful remote/hybrid work based on her years of HR experience and as the Chief HR Officer leading a large organization through the COVID-19 pandemic. Sheri coaches leaders, and trains team and managers to embrace what she calls the “Foundational 5 Best Practices” that are needed to thrive in a remote/hybrid work model with a focus on mutual accountability.

Jill and Sheri discuss:

  • Experiences, challenges, knowledge, and expertise around hybrid and remote work.
  • Best practices for managing these challenges including communication, culture, technology, tools, and workspace.
  • How to translate and implement these best practices in your organization to improve success and reduce the friction and controversy associated with hybrid and remote models.

You can watch Jill and Sheri on video via YouTube here or listen to them via Apple podcasts here. For a short preview, click on the link below. 

EPS Expert Series: Thriving in a Remote/Hybrid Business Model