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Newsweek’s List of Best Workplaces for Mental Health

Newsweek worked with data researcher Plant-A to learn which U.S. workplaces best support their employees' mental health. They assessed essential factors influencing satisfaction, including compensation and benefits, work-life balance, working environment, training, and career progression from human resources professionals. Using those findings, Plant-A and Newsweek conducted an anonymous 2023 survey of 196,000 employees familiar with larger U.S. companies. They gathered 1.2 million company reviews across 78 industry segments. Each company received a score based on "recognition of the importance of mental health, the role of managers who care about mental health, employer-provided mental wellbeing programs, and working conditions that take mental and physical health into account."

The survey revealed that 73% of respondents perceived their employees positively regarding mental wellbeing. Approximately 27% of those asked expressed dissatisfaction with their employers. An analysis of those responses showed that part-time workers, non-managerial staff, early career professionals, silver workers, LGBTQ+ individuals, and employees with disabilities had the least satisfaction with how they perceived their employers' support of their wellbeing.

Plant-A said companies with high mental wellbeing ratings are “three times more likely than companies with low ratings to have a management that is consistent and loyal toward their employees and a climate of trust and transparency, to encourage critical thinking and feedback, to support a healthy work-life balance, and to fairly and evenly balance workloads.” The final list includes the top 750 employers making a positive difference. Recognizable names like Fresh Direct, Liberty Mutual, and Home Depot made the list. To see the complete list, click here.