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Employees Filming Job Terminations Becoming More Common

The new year has brought a round of layoffs in many sectors. Unlike some previous generations, Gen Z openly shares what those firings look like. Millions of TikTok and X (Twitter) viewers have watched real videos with in the moment reactions to unwanted job losses.

Brittan Pietsch went viral when she shared her video call layoff from Cloudflare, a U.S. IT company. Two company representatives told her she failed to meet their expectations for her performance and informed her of her job termination. She questioned the decision, detailing the positive feedback she received and asking for more specific reasons. With so many job terminations happening online, Gen Z can capture it. As the BBC noted, it is an isolating event for young workers. They share their tears and anger through these videos, hoping it helps them process their emotions and feel less alone. It reflects a generational shift to greater transparency and a desire to share personal stories on social media. They also share their job-hunting efforts on LinkedIn, some of these efforts leading to outreach from recruiters and opportunities to apply for new roles.

A Columbia business professor told the New York Times that remote work has made it easier for workers to speak out online because they are less connected to their employers. Employers should be aware that Gen Z and younger Millennials may record and share anything online. Cloudflare CEO responded to Pietsch's video on X, defending his decision to fire her but admitting the company should have been "more kind and humane." Pietsch has since received over 10,000 LinkedIn messages. Experts do not believe these videos will negatively impact future employment but could lead to potential notoriety for the individuals, which may be uncomfortable for some.