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What it Looks Like at Texas A&M Following State Ban on DEI

In June 2023, the Texas legislature passed a bill banning diversity, equity, and inclusion offices and training programs at all public colleges and universities within the state. Texas and Florida are the only states banning DEI offices in higher education institutions. Texas A&M responded to the ban quickly, launching a "system-wide ethics and compliance review" of its programs. Students interviewed by a local news station said that Texas A&M was the most forward-thinking Texas college for diversity and inclusion.

The Washington Post published an article detailing what has happened since the state passed the new law. The university quickly removed a lesson on "respect & kindness" from a class offered to first-year students. It also closed its DEI office, just two and half years after the regents said the school would be a leader in creating opportunities for all Texans and pledged $24.74 million to fund efforts. University leadership has eliminated a cabinet-level diversity position and dismantled a recruitment program to attract faculty with a demonstrated scholarly focus on DEI.

Texas's law exempts research and teaching. However, faculty members have expressed concern about how the move against DEI may impact their classrooms. They worry about being targeted for touching on diversity issues. In addition, they noted changes to all things diversity-related, including information on school websites and the cancellation of an upcoming conference on race. A few professors left the institution because they do not believe that research on racial disparities would not be targeted.