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Walmart Will Remove College Requirement From Many Job Postings

Walmart announced it will rewrite hundreds of corporate job descriptions so applicants without a college degree may apply. Soon, applicants with the relevant skills developed through prior experience or other methods will be able to apply for positions formerly limited to college degrees. Store-based Walmart employees already did not need college degrees for their jobs.

Forbes reports there has been an increase in companies moving away from college degree requirements in fields like cybersecurity, data analytics, or operations. With demand high in these positions and challenges in filling them, companies are expanding the talent pool. The reduction in college enrollment is also contributing to these decisions. IBM, Accenture, and Google are other large US employers looking at ways to expand recruitment beyond college graduates. A cited Brookings Institution report notes that 13 U.S. states have removed unneeded degree requirements for state government jobs.

As AI becomes more widespread and advanced, employers may be unclear on the skills needed for future positions. Walmart is reportedly working with a data firm to predict the skills the company will want in the future. Many employees are choosing to get certificates in specific skills, which take a year or less to obtain compared to a four-year college degree. These certificates can help them get jobs that are in high demand. Walmart also said that employees can earn credit hours for on-the-job experience via an education and upskilling platform for those jobs that will continue to require a college degree. Walmart offers employees a free online education benefit that will continue to expand the number of certificates available.