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Tech Real Estate Company Sued For Discrimination and Harassment

On its website, Everyrealm asserts the company brings life to the metaverse by developing and investing in technology that creates community in social, virtual worlds. Two former employees are suing the company in federal court for discrimination and harassment. One of the former employees is Teyo Johnson, who also played football for the Oakland Raiders. Katherine Yost, the company's former human resources director, is bringing the second lawsuit. Both employees allege CEO Janine Yorio and co-founder Julia Schwartz fostered a toxic workplace. Johnson alleges Yorio made lewd remarks about her employees' sex lives and made racial slurs directed at Black employees.

In his complaint, Johnson states that Yorio urged him to participate in "sexually harassing games" with his co-workers. Johnson alleges he experienced "unrelenting sexual harassment" during his time at the company, including sexually explicit remarks, jokes, and tirades. Yorio and Schwartz allegedly made specific comments regarding his sex life and his former girlfriend's menstrual cycle. Yorio allegedly pressured him to have sexual intercourse with co-workers and clients as part of a "game" employees referred to as "Know Your Personnel." Screenshots of text messages included in the complaints show Yorio using the terms “pussy” and “dolt” to refer to employees. Johnson’s complaint includes allegations that Yorio made racist comments as well by referring to him as a “stupid Black person,” “the whitest Black person,” and threatening to “trade” him if he did not perform his job well.

Everyrealm is seeking to enforce its mandatory arbitration agreement.  With last year's new federal law ending mandatory arbitration for sexual harassment disputes, it is unclear whether Everyrealm will be successful. Everyrealm has denied the allegations made in both complaints.