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Should Alcohol Be Included at Work Gatherings?

The BBC published a report suggesting that "workplace drinking culture is fading fast." As noted in the article, drinking alcohol is institutionalized in many aspects of our culture, with college students and employees using it to bond. Apparently, in China, workmates binge drink together so "they can trust each other not to harm the other person's professional interests."

However, swaths of Gen Zers are interested in socializing without alcohol, per the BBC. In a survey of 4000 college students in the United Kingdom (UK), 45% said alcohol should not play a part in social activities. Data shows when alcohol is present at workplace functions, employees feel pressured to drink, with men feeling the pressure more acutely. In a UK survey of 2000 individuals, 43% said there is "too much pressure to drink" with colleagues, and 53% would prefer less pressure to drink. Gallup reports that Americans are drinking less than they used to, with the average number of drinks falling from 4.8 in 2009 to 3.6 in 2021.

Some larger companies, such as Salesforce, Uber, and Jet, have begun moving away from providing alcohol at events. Removing alcohol is likely to positively impact the health and safety of employees and reduce inappropriate behavior and harassment issues. WeWork phased out alcoholic drinks in the U.S., replacing them with cold brew coffee, kombucha, and seltzer. While some workers enjoy outings with employer-provided alcohol, there is an increasing awareness that not everybody wants to drink.