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Rudy Giuliani Sued for Sexual Harassment

Noelle Dunphy has filed a lawsuit accusing former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani of sexually harassing her. Dunphy handled business development for Giuliani's law firm. She says Giuliani was "constantly pressuring her, making sexual comments, sexual remarks, to her, about her, about himself." He allegedly groped her and tried to have sexual contact with her. In addition to the sexual harassment allegations, Dunphy says Giuliani failed to pay her the $1 million salary he agreed to.

Dunphy alleges Giuliani was frequently drunk, saying he drank all hours of the day, leading to unpredictable behavior. He also purportedly took Viagra, exposed himself to her, and said she could not do her work until she took "care of this." Giuliani also advised her that appeasing his sexual demands was a requirement of her continued employment. Dunphy states Giuliani wanted her to work naked or "in short shorts with an American flag on them that he bought for her.” The lawsuit also alleges Giuliani demanded oral sex while on the phone with others. Dunphy asked Giuliani if the firm had a human resources department to file a complaint, but Giuliani just laughed. Dunphy says Giuliani told her about his private investigators who would punish anyone who complained. Beyond the sexually offensive conduct, Dunphy says Giuliani also made comments about the bodies of prominent women in sexual situations, the genitalia of Jewish men, and comments about various ethnic groups — such as "black guys hit women more than anybody else does…and so do Hispanic is in their culture."

Giuliani has categorically denied all of the allegations. He accuses Dunphy of participating in "prior schemes to defraud high-net-worth men."