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Menopause Costs American Women $1.8 Billion in Lost Work Time

In the largest study of its kind in the United States, the Mayo Clinic examined how symptoms typically associated with menopause affect women in the workplace. Of the 4000 participants, 15% of the women reported that they had reduced their hours or had missed work entirely. Symptoms were reportedly so debilitating for 1% of the women that they either quit their jobs or were laid off the in the six months prior to the study.

Menopausal women can experience a wide range of symptoms including hot flashes, chills, night sweats, mood changes, slowed metabolism, thinning hair, and dry skin. A 2021 survey of 5,000 women in various stages of menopause revealed that 3 in 5 were adversely affected by their symptoms while on the job, and a third of those surveyed actively hid the effects of menopause from colleagues and management. Half of the women indicated that they feared being stigmatized by raising the issue.

As retirement ages increase, experts advise organizations to recognize the impact that menopause can have on employees. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) guidance includes “educating employees on the effects of menopause, training managers about the potential symptoms of menopause and how to support workers who experience the condition, creating a menopause policy so those experiencing symptoms know what they are entitled to, fostering an environment where people can comfortably engage in discussions about menopause, and treating menopause as a medical issue and highlighting it in health awareness initiatives.”