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Managing Director Sues Citibank for Sexual Harassment

Ardith Lindsay alleges Mani Singh, the former head of cash equity execution services for Citibank, was abusive – fueled by alcohol and drug use – and threatened to destroy her career and reputation if she refused his advances. Lindsay and Singh had a personal relationship for some time that Lindsay felt coerced into because Singh used his professional power. After their relationship ended, Singh purportedly called her repeatedly for the next five days and sent threatening text messages, like they would “walk the plank to death together,” he was “going to set [her] on fire,” and her children would be “ruined.”

In her lawsuit, Lindsay states Citibank tolerated a “notoriously hostile” working environment in the equities division. Men purportedly ranked female colleagues based on their looks, discussed who they wanted to have sex with, pressured female employees to visit strip clubs, and made fun of the bank’s sexual harassment training and women’s initiatives. She claims the bank did not take her complaints seriously until she shared Singh’s text messages. In addition, Lindsay says Citibank failed to comply with its obligation to report Singh to the FINRA brokerage regulator. Lindsay went out on medical leave in late 2022. Singh resigned in the middle of Citibank’s investigation.

Citibank responded to the lawsuit, stating it plans to defend its clear policies that protect employees from discrimination and harassment. The bank said Lindsay has changed her narrative of what happened in this lawsuit from what she reported to human resources.