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In 2024, Gen Z May Overtake Boomers In Workplace

A Glassdoor report says Gen Z will overtake Boomers in the workplace next year. From the late 1970s until late 2011, Boomers held more positions in the workplace than any other generation. Gen X, a small generation, was only the largest presence from 2012-2018 when Millennials took over. Millennials outnumber all the other generations in the U.S. Glassdoor projects Gen Z will outnumber Millennials sometime in the early 2040s.

Glassdoor projects Gen Z's more prominent presence in the workplace will begin a significant cultural change for the workplace. Gen Z brings different expectations to their workplaces, focusing on connections, making their voices heard, seeking transparent and responsive leadership, and demanding diversity and inclusion. A CNBC article says this generation wants their employers to be political and vocal about important issues. Members of this generation prioritize a healthy work-life balance, which is more important to them than job security. Gen Zers like in-person interactions. In addition, they want regular feedback from their supervisors. As many employers have already seen, the younger generation is not afraid to move jobs, as they do not place the same value as older generations on long-term employment.

The Glassdoor report also predicted wages and salaries would continue to increase next year while non-cash benefits could erode, equity compensation will continue to decline, layoffs from 2023 will continue to impact employee morale negatively, middle managers will still feel the squeeze from those above and below them, and we will see the continued use of carrots and sticks from employers trying to get employees back to the office. The report notes workers will be drawn to small employers with more flexibility. Lastly, Glassdoor predicts Generative AI will result in workers seeking more human peer-to-peer interaction.