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Salary Info Upfront in New York City

The New York City Council passed a new ordinance scheduled to go into effect in April 2022, assuming the city’s new mayor does not veto it. Under the new law, New York City employers must include the minimum and maximum starting salary for any “advertised job, promotion or transfer opportunity.” It applies to both public and private employers. The range must “extend from the lowest to the highest salary the employer in good faith believes at the time of the posting.” Employers with four or more employees failing to list the minimum and maximum salaries are engaging in “discriminatory practices,” under the law. Employers of domestic workers must post salary information irrespective of staff size. With potential salary information in hand, employees will now know before they apply whether the process and position make sense. Employers who fail to comply with the law could face fines and/or a lawsuit from the city’s Commission on Human Rights. 

One council member told the news media that “Lack of salary transparency is discriminatory and anti-worker. Every New Yorker should have the right to determine whether they will be able to support themselves and their family when they apply for a job. It is time to level the playing field, and restore some dignity to New Yorkers seeking employment.”