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Conservative Intern Says Fired by Nonprofit for Beliefs

Audrey Lynn Henson founded College to Congress (C2C), a nonprofit providing financial support for Capitol Hill interns, in 2016. On its website, C2C states it aims to "disrupt the traditional pipeline of solely wealthy and connected people filling positions of power in the United States Congress." The nonprofit covers "all costs associated with interning in D.C." for high-achieving, Pell Grant-eligible students.

According to the Washington Post, Henson grew up a welfare recipient and interned for Republican lawmakers. Last year, Henson announced her run as a Republican for a Florida congressional seat. She says the C2C Board directed her to step down "because of her political affiliations." Henson further claims the Board considered her "conservative Republican beliefs posed a threat to the financial and reputational stability" of the organization. They purportedly said a Democrat would not pose the same threat. One board member allegedly told Henson, "[t]here won't be a C2C if you stay." C2C replaced Henson with a Republican former congressperson who also intended to run for a congressional seat. Henson claimed her replacement was the "right type of Republican" for the Board. The complaint alleges the Board expressed concerns that Nike and other high-profile sponsors would withdraw as sponsors because of Henson's particular conservative beliefs. Henson believes the organization was "trying to say she is a 'certain kind of Republican.'"

In a statement, C2C denied it had done anything wrong and said Henson's complaint lacked merit. Henson is suing for reinstatement and damages. Henson's law firm also represents former President Donald Trump concerning a congressional subpoena to testify about his role in the January 6, 2021, insurrection.