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Well-Known Yale Law Professor Suspended for Sex Harassment

In 2018, Yale University began investigating sexual harassment allegations against Jed Rubenfeld, a long-time law professor. Rubenfeld confirmed to reporters that the allegations against him included claims that he inappropriately touched students, made harassing remarks, and attempted to kiss them without consent. He also allegedly offered to drive students home while intoxicated.

At the time the allegations first arose, Rubenfeld asserted that for years he had to deal with false allegations in reaction to his “writing on difficult and controversial but important topics in the law.” He expressed concern about the “challenges to the most basic values of due process and free, respectful academic expression and exchange at Yale and around the country.” In a 2014 op-ed in the New York Times, Professor Rubenfeld voiced his disagreement with the message that sexual intercourse with someone under the influence of alcohol was always rape. He argued that the modern redefinition of consent, which required affirmative consent, “encourages people to think of themselves as sexual assault victims when there was no assault.” Rubenfeld is married to fellow law professor and Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua. Students interviewed for reports indicated that they are perceived as a “power couple” at the University. Rubenfeld has admitted to making remarks and “jokes” that he regrets but denied ever sexually harassing anyone verbally or physically.

Yale University officials confirmed to the New York Times that Rubenfeld had been suspended from the faculty for two years and would be required to restrict his interactions with students once he does return. The institution declined to comment further about the investigation or its actions regarding Rubenfeld.