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Transgender Man Alleges Sex/Pregnancy Discrimination Against Amazon

Shaun Simmons worked as a process assistant in Amazon’s Princeton New Jersey Corporate Center. He has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was harassed and then demoted after disclosing his pregnancy to his supervisor. Simmons alleges that he only revealed the pregnancy to his supervisor. Yet, almost immediately after that reveal, a co-worker congratulated Simmons. Another co-worker hassled Simmons about using the men’s room. Simmons further asserts that his supervisors began to criticize his work. He complained to human resources about the disclosure of his confidential information and stated that he had been harassed. According to the lawsuit, Amazon sent Simmons home and placed him on paid leave. Next, Amazon transferred Simmons to another location and placed him in a less desirable position. The new job required more heavy lifting by Simmons even though he provided a doctor’s note limiting his lifting because of his pregnancy. When he complained about the heavy lifting, Amazon allegedly placed him on “unpaid leave pending the birth of his child.” An offer of promotion was also purportedly withdrawn.

Simmons is seeking reinstatement to his job, back pay, compensatory and punitive damages. Amazon did not comment in response to press reports about the suit except to reiterate its intolerance for discriminatory harassment of any kind. “We have been, and continue to be, committed to accommodating all employees to perform their duties in a safe and inclusive workplace.” Amazon had the case removed from New Jersey state court to federal court.