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Google Employees Spotlight Lack of Sick Leave for Contract Workers

A group of Google employees submitted a memo to the company’s leaders seeking better commitments from the company to protect vulnerable members of its workforce. The memo was written by full-time employees and contract workers referred to as “TVC” (temporary, vendor, or contractor). Google hires large numbers of contract workers who do not receive the benefits provided to full-time employees even when performing similar work. In addition to paid sick leave, Google employees receive stock options, paid vacation time, and premium healthcare plans. Contract workers include programmers, graphic designers, human resource employees, cafeteria employees, security guards, and drivers of the company’s shuttle busses. With the coronavirus here and threatening, these contract workers were still required to come in the office while full-time employees were instructed to remain at home.

Google has announced a fund that will cover sick leave for all employees impacted by the coronavirus, including temporary and contract workers (or “extended workforce”). Testing, self-quarantine, and treatment are all included. All North American employees have been asked to work remotely if possible. Google issued a statement indicating that it will be monitoring the situation, continuing to assess it, and will make adjustments as needed. It also stated:

“The United States does not have federal laws mandating sick leave. Last year we introduced new requirements for all companies that employ U.S. vendors and temporary staff assigned to Google, making it mandatory for them to provide their employees with paid sick leave (in addition to other minimum benefits required), in order to do business with Google.”

During the transition period, the fund will cover the gaps ensuring workers can take paid sick leave for possible coronavirus symptoms or quarantine.