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Florida State University Bars Employees Working from Home to Care for Children

Recently, Florida State University sent an email stating: “In March 2020, the university communicated a temporary exception to policy which allowed employees to care for children at home while on the Temporary Remote Work agreement. Effective, August 7, 2020, the university will return to normal policy and will no longer allow employees to care for children while working remotely.”

Renisha Gibbs, associate vice president for human resources at Florida State indicated, “If employees do not have daycare options or choose not to send their children to school in the fall, they should work with their supervisors to identify a flexible work schedule that allows them to fulfill their work duties and their family responsibilities.” FSU sent an updated policy after receiving negative feedback on social media and specified that the policy only “applies to employees whose job duties require them to be on campus full-time during normal business hours,” and specifically excludes professors.

Many companies are facing the challenge of creating policies that consider both childcare and remote work as organizations reopen and further, as uncertainty prevails as schools and childcare facilities examine how they may return children to classrooms this fall.