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Amazon is Not Happy With Employees Broadcasting Climate Issues

Multiple news outlets have reported that Amazon has threatened its employees who have spoken publicly about the company’s impact on climate issues with termination.
The Guardian had access to one of the emails sent by Amazon. The email noted that the human resources department had launched an “investigation” over comments a female employee made to the media that suggested the company needed to do more to combat climate change. In the email, Amazon advises the employee that she will not yet face discipline for her comments but should she continue to make statements without approval by the company, corrective action including termination could result. Reporting suggests that many employees who made similar comments have been questioned by Amazon and also threatened with termination should they continue to speak out. The Washington Post confirmed the same type of email sent to another employee. After announcing climate policies in September, thousands of employees had signed an open letter asking for further commitments.
Amazon has responded that it updated its policy concerning external communications last year and that it is not directed at employees ​who were ​engaging in climate protests. The company further asserted that its policy was in line with other large corporations. Some employees reported that the policy was announced right before a climate walkout was planned and that it requires them to gain permission from the company before speaking in a public forum that will identify them as an Amazon employee. An Amazon spokesperson encouraged employees to work with their teams and speak about improvements using internal channels.