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Alleged Misbehavior at Comcast Highlights Importance of Strong Investigation Resource

Since late 2019, there have been multiple reports of a widespread culture of sexual harassment at Comcast. As a result, many have called for an internal investigation into the alleged behavior, including several Democratic presidential candidates. Most recently, Arjuna Capital, an activist investor company, filed a proposed shareholder resolution requesting that Comcast conduct an internal review into its repeated failures to “prevent workplace sexual harassment.” 

So far, Comcast has not satisfied these requests, and the Arjuna Capital resolution underscores how important it is to promptly and effectively look into and address inappropriate behavior, not only for ethical reasons, but because failing to do so has an impact on the bottom line. For companies with shareholders, it’s wise to consider how investors will react to such allegations (and a company’s inaction) and the likelihood of litigation. For both publicly and privately held organizations alike, the negative publicity certainly may affect clients and consumers. It’s therefore critical to be thoughtful about who is conducting the investigation, selecting a resource who is experienced and impartial under the circumstances, and immediately available to conduct a thorough inquiry.