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Money Manager Accused of Sexual Harassment

A high-level fund manager at M&G Prudential in London has been accused of sexually harassing female colleagues. It is alleged that the senior fund manager targeted women in junior positions at the firm’s London headquarters sending them sexually explicit text messages, and making inappropriate comments and unwanted physical contact.
Anonymous witnesses who feared retaliation claimed that the accused was able to get away with his behavior for years because of his seniority. They also indicated that his position within the company discouraged formal complaints.   

One woman said he would often put his hand on her bottom, fondle her thighs and give her unsolicited shoulder massages. When she asked him to stop, she indicated that he would refuse and complain that she was being uptight, or say he had touched her by accident. A second woman confirmed similar behavior. One woman reportedly complained to the firm's human resources department, but that it was unclear what action the firm took as the manager remained in his position.