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Walmart Seeking Tech Moms Returning to the Work Force

Walmart Labs, the tech division of Walmart, has started a program directed primarily at moms who have taken a break from working. Partnering with the non-profit Path Forward, it is creating a program for individuals who took time off to care for a child, a parent, or other loved one.
The program will begin in September and will be based in Northern California. They are hoping to hire 20-30 people seeking to return to their careers for three-month internships in software engineering and product management. The goal is to ultimately spread the program across the company.
With fierce competition in Silicon Valley for experienced tech employees, Walmart wants to recruit from this untapped market. Qualified individuals must have taken a break for at least two years and have at least five years of work experience. Path Forward works with 35 companies in four cities, including Apple, Oracle and Intuit, to create these “returnship” programs. It helps give full-time caregivers a much-needed foot in the door. For successful candidates working in the internships, they could end up with full-time job offers.