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Uniting with the #MeToo Movement, EEOC Initiates Broad Fight Against Sexual Harassment

Seven major lawsuits have been filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against employers in a variety of industries. The suits reflect the EEOC’s intention to channel the heightened societal awareness of sexual harassment through the #MeToo “moment” to support its ongoing enforcement.
Allegations have been made against the following companies:


  1. Bayou LaBartre, an Alabama shipbuilder for the sexual harassment of a male Asian-American;
  2. Real Time Staffing Services for allowing a group of female employees in New Mexico to be sexually harassed;
  3. G2 Corp in Texas for subjecting a female employee to sexual harassment by a production manager and another high-level manager;
  4. Prime Trucking in Missouri for not taking appropriate action to protect a female truck driver from harassment;
  5. Sierra Creative Systems, Inc. in California for also failing to remediate and protect female employees from on-going sexual harassment and retaliation;
  6. Tapioca Express, also in California, as well as two of its franchisees for subjecting female employees to sexual harassment; and
  7. Total Maintenance Solutions, Inc. in Cincinnati for creating a sexually offensive and hostile work environment.
In the EEOC’s released statements regarding the many lawsuits, the agency noted that there are consequences that flow from employers failing to address the widespread nature of harassment. “These suits filed by the EEOC around the country are a reminder that a federal enforcement action by the EEOC is potentially one of those consequences.”