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Lawsuit Contends Workplace Bias Against Moms

Morrison Foerster has been accused by three female associates of penalizing them for having children. The three women were all based in a California office of the national law firm and claim that their careers stalled after taking time off for giving birth.
None of the three women are identified by name in the litigation. However, they each assert that they were denied the promotions and increases in their compensation given to their peers because they had taken maternity leave. Instead, they allege that Morrison Foerster increased their required billable hours beyond the usual amount to prove their commitment and then reduced their assignments so they could not meet the new goals. Morrison Foerster apparently did bill clients for the women’s work at the same rate as their peers until challenged on it, thus increasing the firm’s profit.
The law firm representing the women issued the following statement: “MoFo’s employment practices perpetuate the ‘good old boys’ club’ culture that has dominated law firms for decades. MoFo’s standard operating procedure of delaying the advancement of women who have taken pregnancy leave holds women back and promotes damaging stereotypes of women in the legal profession.” Damages are alleged in excess of $100 million and the women are seeking class action status. Morrison Foerster has issued a statement denying the allegations and reaffirming their support in advancing the careers of their associates returning from maternity leave.