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Inside Microsoft’s Internal Investigation Process

Over a six-year period, Microsoft’s internal complaint investigations found just one supported claim of gender discrimination.

The investigation data is reflected in documents that were filed in a class-action suit currently ongoing against Microsoft Corp. It is alleged in the litigation that Microsoft systematically discriminated in both pay and advancement against women working in engineering and technical roles. These women also accuse the tech company of tolerating sexual harassment and retaliation, claiming that Human Resources generally ignored their complaints.

Approximately 118 complaints of gender discrimination were made from 2010 to 2016. These unsealed documents show that the company sided with the accuser just one time. Attorneys for the women argue that this fact shows that Microsoft did not take these complaints seriously. Microsoft believes that the data shows that the serious training and millions of dollars spent on diversity efforts have reduced valid claims against it. The company also received 108 complaints of sexual harassment, eight complaints of retaliation and three pregnancy discrimination complaints. Microsoft has stated that it has a “team of full-time investigators to consider allegations of policy violations and mandates diversity training for all employees.” The company has chosen not to enforce the arbitration agreements signed by the women bringing suit to allow these women’s voices to be heard.