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CBS Reporter Claims Worked in Culture of Abuse

Michelle Gillen is an Emmy award-winning news reporter who worked for the Miami CBS station for 20 years. She has claimed that she endured so much abuse at work that it has made her physically ill.
In her recently filed lawsuit, Ms. Gillen focuses much of her claims on a local anchor named Jim DeFede who she says bullied her repeatedly. He allegedly made disparaging comments to her and about women in general. She has stated on one occasion he just exploded at her in front of their colleagues and insulted the station’s female viewers. Ms. Gillen alleged that Mr. DeFede said he did not want to spend time figuring out what stories “attract women who are menstruating and watching ‘Blue Bloods.’” A local blogger had reported that Mr. DeFede criticized everyone on the investigative team, especially Ms. Gillen. There is an email from a female co-worker attached to the lawsuit that backs up Ms. Gillen’s claims. This co-worker referred to Mr. DeFede as “vile” and “bullying.” Ms. Gillen further alleged that women over 40 were pushed out after putting up with abusive treatment. Human Resources was purportedly not willing to take action. Ms. Gillen further asserted that the bias against women was rampant throughout the station. As she continued to complain, her workload became lighter and lighter. She was finally fired and was told that she was not providing enough content to justify her salary.
Ms. Gillen’s lawsuit accuses the CBS station of age and gender discrimination as well as retaliation. The station has not yet commented on the lawsuit but a spokesperson for CBS Television Stations has asserted that the Miami affiliate did nothing wrong.