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Deloitte: A Turbulent 2016 has Rattled Millennials’ Confidence

Deloitte recently released its sixth annual Millennial Survey 2017 and the results indicate that the political and social upheavals in the previous 12 months – a contentious election in the U.S., terror attacks in Europe and Brexit have put a damper on millennials’ confidence. 

8,000 millennials across 30 countries were surveyed in September 2016. The executive summary provided by Deloitte indicates that young professionals are “less likely to leave the security of their jobs, more concerned about uncertainty arising from conflict, and—especially in developed countries—not optimistic about their prospects nor the directions their countries are going.”

Notable findings for the workplace regarding millennials include the notion that they “feel accountable for many issues in both the workplace and the wider world. However, it is primarily in and via the workplace that they feel most able to make an impact.” In addition, they are “more comfortable with plain, straight-talking language from both business and political leaders; respond to passionate opinions; and identify with leaders who appeal to anyone who might feel “left out” or isolated.” Lastly, the report states, "those employed where flexible working is highly embedded are twice as likely to say it has a positive impact on organizational performance and personal well-being."