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EPS Partners with HR Acuity

We are pleased to partner with HR Acuity to present the expert webinar "The Elizabeth Holmes Effect: Understanding Unconscious Biases in Investigations." 

Whether you read the book “Bad Blood” or watched the series, “The Dropout,” you are most likely familiar with the story of Elizabeth Holmes, the former biotech entrepreneur who was convicted of defrauding investors who believed her claims about her groundbreaking technology. 

So, what does Elizabeth Holmes have to do with investigations? It is a great example of how bias can manifest and potentially impact judgment and decision-making skills that are so critical to the investigation process.  

Jill Rorschach, Esq., EPS President and Jessica Caspe, Esq., Director of Training and DEI Initiatives will discuss:  

  • The main types of bias and how it manifests in investigations 
  • Ways to mitigate the impact of such biases 

The session is now available to watch on-demand. Register here