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EPS Announces GSA Approval

EPS is pleased to announce our approval as a General Services Administration (GSA) provider of EEO training and investigations.

“We are excited to officially include federal entities in our mission to collaborate with employers and employees to build respectful organizations through high-quality training and objective and unbiased complaint investigations,” noted Jill Rorschach, EPS President.

Having delivered customized training for agencies, organizations, and institutions for more than 25 years, EPS is the ideal solution for federal entities. Our courses cover topics including sexual harassment, discrimination, bystander skills, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, and the fundamentals of effective management. We work closely with federal entities to create courses that meet specific objectives – both to remain compliant and to build and foster cultures of respect.

Federal entities must also be prepared to conduct fair and impartial investigations into complaints and allegations of misconduct. Objective and impartial fact-finding is a prerequisite to taking appropriate and meaningful action and to developing a viable action plan with a sound factual basis. Our well-trained, impartial, and thorough investigators – all actively licensed employment law attorneys - understand the idiosyncrasies of the federal process, the importance of confidentiality, the investigative process, appropriate documentation, and current employment law.

In addition to our status as certified GSA provider, EPS is a Certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise, and we are an enrolled entity with the System for Award Management (SAM).