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EPS Partners with HR Acuity for Inclusive Investigations Webinar


We are pleased to partner with HR Acuity once again to present the webinar "Conducting Inclusive Investigations: Interviewing Witnesses with Disabilities and Neurodivergence.

As the workforce becomes more diverse, it is increasingly important to conduct investigations that are inclusive and accessible for all employees. However, traditional interview methods may not be optimal for employees with disabilities and neurodivergent employees, which can create barriers to effective investigations.

Join EPS President Jill Rorschach and Director of Training|DEI Jessica Caspe on May 10 to explore best practices for conducting investigations that are inclusive and accessible for all employees, including those with disabilities and neurodivergence. We will discuss:

  • Strategies for accommodating different needs in witness interviews
  • Practical tips for interviewing witnesses with disabilities and neurodivergence
  • Using inclusive language and terminology in the context of interviews and documentation

This webinar is ideal for HR professionals, investigators and employee relations professionals who are responsible for conducting workplace investigations and want to ensure that they are conducted in an inclusive and respectful manner.

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