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Training Topics

Training is more than a “check the box” solution to minimize an organization’s legal exposure. Instead, effective training is a key component in building an inclusive and respectful culture where employees are both educated on what behaviors are expected and empowered to speak up when they feel uncomfortable.

Managers are at the front line of an organization's commitment to building respectful workplaces. Managers must understand their role in representing the organization, minimizing a company’s legal exposure, and administering policy, as well as their role in modeling appropriate behavior and promoting a respectful and productive work environment and culture. 

Employees learn fundamental legal principles and hone skills that allow them to function within their organization with the skills and knowledge to productively engage with their colleagues.

Training topics include: 

  • Bullying
  • Conflict resolution
  • Disciplinary actions and terminations
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Hybrid/Remote teams
  • Management skills
  • Performance reviews
  • Remote/hybrid team success
  • Respectful organizations
  • Sensitivity
  • Sexual Harassment
  • State specific harassment training sessions
  • Team building
  • Unconscious bias