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Expert Witness Testimony

EPS provides expert witness services including testimony at trial. Our experts are also trainers and can clearly articulate their expertise and experience in a wide variety of practice areas. Jurors benefit from expert witnesses who have been directly involved in the specific workplace issues that are the focus of the litigation. Our experts can describe not only how an employer should respond to a complaint, but testify as to how they themselves have responded to such complaints.

Our experts, who are also professional trainers, have excellent communication skills. The ability to clearly communicate the key concepts to the jury and to break those concepts down into components that can be grasped by jurors who may be unfamiliar with the complicated details of the employment practices at issue is critical to success at trial. Our experts are human resources and employment law practitioners with significant experience and the ability to communicate the accepted practices in the specific area of employment practices litigation. This combination of experience and expertise often proves more relevant and helpful than a full-time academic expert whose direct experience may be in the past or even nonexistent.

Our experts have hands-on experience as human resource and employment law professionals - often more important than past experience as full-time expert witnesses. In addition, our experts are seasoned professionals who are accustomed to making presentations and have public speaking and training experience that transfers well to the courtroom.

Why Use EPS Experts