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Sexual Harassment in 2018 – Your Questions, Our Roadmap

As 2018 kicks off, sexual harassment remains in the forefront of employers’ concerns. Many are rethinking their training efforts, gearing up for an increased volume of complaints and reviewing and updating their anti-harassment policies.   

At EPS, we are embarking on our 22nd year on the front-line of these issues through our collaboration with employers and employees nationwide to build respectful workplaces through high-quality training, objective and unbiased workplace complaint investigations, human resources and employment law expert testimony and a wide range of human resources consulting. We're kicking off January with two new opportunities and a host of core services: 

  • Some employers are starting at square one in their efforts to prevent harassment and others are examining practices that are in dire need of an update. In our latest complimentary webcast, Sexual Harassment: An Employer's Roadmap for Navigating This Cultural Moment, we provide the steps needed to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace. The webcast is less than 30 minutes long and provides employers everything they need to know when it comes to harassment prevention.
  • EPS continues the delivery of its highly interactive and customized sexual harassment training in 2018 - critical in this highly charged environment where off-the-shelf solutions almost always fall short.
  • EPS's Employee Complaint Hotline Service can be a critical part of an employer's efforts to address misconduct. The ability for employees to register complaints is often one of the weakest systems in the employee relations area and can expose an organization to significant liability.
  • How long has it been since you reviewed your anti-harassment policy? Likely too long. EPS provides written employee policies and procedures that act as operating guidelines for an organization that inform day-to-day decision making and also form the foundation of a solid legal defense by documenting the proper administration of employment practices.
As 2018 unfolds, we remain committed to sharing our 22 years of experience in building respectful workplaces in this cultural moment and beyond.