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When is Web-training the Right Training Option?

Wendy BaileyTraining your organizations' workforce is a critical part of educating and energizing your employees along with fulfilling legal requirements and reducing exposure to employment lawsuits. While employers are busy making their training plans for 2014, one of the options, in addition to live training, is web-based training.

While the advantages of live training are many (see our previous article, Anti-Harassment Training:  Why A Qualified In-Person Trainer Is The Best Option For Your Company), there are times when live training isn't a practical choice. If your employees experience any of the following scenarios, web-based training may be the right training option:

  • Telecommuters
  • Multiple work sites
  • Split shifts
  • Varied work hours
  • New hires who missed a live training opportunity

Flexibility in the workplace is increasingly critical. According to SHRM's HR subject matter expert panel, "technology-based training will become more prominent in the workplace, enabling workplaces to become more flexible and versatile." To support our clients' need to have a range of options to educate their employees on the subjects that will improve their workplace, EPS' employee relations and technical experts have createdRealSolutions® web-based training courses.

EPS offers anti-harassment and discrimination courses for managers and employees, as well as training classes for California based managers, that meet the requirements for AB 1825 harassment training. As with our live training courses, our web-training courses are highly interactive and are designed to keep the learners engaged through relevant hypothetical scenarios interspersed throughout the courses.  The courses are available online 24 hours a day and consist of several lessons to ensure that they are convenient and learners can access and sit through the course on their own schedule.   

Whether you elect to provide live or web-based training course to your managers and employees, or a mix of both, EPS offers training solutions that meet the needs of employers in today's flexible and changing workplace.