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Two Walmart Employees Suing Company Over Recent Mass Shooting

Donya Prioleau is an employee of Walmart's Chesapeake, Virginia store. On November 23, 2022, a supervisor opened fire and murdered six people in the store. Prioleau said she had formally complained about the shooter to Walmart management. She said he made "bizarre and inappropriate" comments to her. Prioleau alleges her mother also went store managers to warn them about the man's behavior because she was "very concerned for her daughter's safety." According to the lawsuit, the managers told Prioleau's mother that they were not going to do anything because management liked the man. Prioleau’s lawsuit asserts the shooter repeatedly asked colleagues whether they had received active-shooter training. When employees responded affirmatively, the shooter just walked away with a smile. Prioleau says the shooter commented on her age and appearance and harassed her for "being poor and being short."

Prioleau was present and injured on the day of the shooting and saw her co-workers killed. Prioleau’s lawsuit accuses Walmart of negligent "hiring and retention" practices because management knew about this employee's "propensities for violence" and "strange behavior" displayed before the shooting. Prioleau also claims Walmart knew of the shooter's "improper and disturbing interactions with others," demonstrated in its decision to demote him at one point. However, Walmart then reinstated him as "team leader." Prioleau is seeking $50 million in compensatory damages. A second employee has now filed suit as well (and is represented by the same law firm). In a statement, Walmart said it was reviewing the complaint and would respond in court.