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The Dobbs Decision Continues To Impact Employers

The U.S.’s largest employer, Walmart, is expanding abortion and travel coverage for its employees. According to an internal memo, Walmart's health care plans will now cover abortion "when there is a health risk to the mother, rape or incest, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or lack of fetal viability." This language does not include first-trimester abortions based on choice. Walmart's plan will cover travel costs, if the individual cannot obtain a legal abortion within 100 miles of their location. Walmart is headquartered in Alabama, a state with strict abortion limits. Before the Dobbs decision, Walmart limited its abortion coverage to situations where the mother's life was in danger or the fetus would not survive.

In a petition to top executives, 650 Google workers asked the company to protect abortion-related data and the data history of its users. A spokesperson for the Alphabet Worker's Union stated, "If Google or Facebook or any tech company wants to present the face of being a compassionate company and an ally for people that need reproductive health care or gender-affirming health care, then they need to back that up in their actions by protecting privacy."

Press reports indicate that Facebook handed over private messages between a young woman and her mom in Nebraska to local law enforcement looking into the death of a fetus. The Google employees also asked Google to remove "fake abortion providers" and publishers of unreliable healthcare information from search results. Google has previously said it automatically purges information about users who visit abortion clinics or other places that could lead to legal issues.