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LinkedIn Introduces Diversity Nudges

LinkedIn Recruiter is LinkedIn's hiring platform to help "talent professionals" find, connect, and manage people on their teams. In August 2022, the platform announced plans to roll out "diversity nudges" to help balance the gender makeup of a hiring pool. According to the company's announcement, "If gender representation in a given talent pool is unbalanced, a notification will pop up to let you know the Male/Female ratio of that search." The company says it will provide recommendations on the skills, locations, and filters the searcher may add to improve the "gender balance" of the results. Fortune's online magazine noted the gender gap has expanded and encompasses remote work, asserting that women receive fewer opportunities to work remotely than men. LinkedIn expressed its hope that this new feature will improve an employer's ability to address blind spots in the hiring processes and allow recruiters/hiring managers to "be a bit smarter" in their candidate searches.

LinkedIn also added sections for companies to add their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) statistics/commitments, DEI, social impact, career development opportunities, and work-life balance statistics. Fortune magazine suggested LinkedIn cannot yet expand its nudges beyond gender because it lacks sufficient data to identify nonbinary applicants or people's race, age, or sexuality. Fortune also stated, "78% of Gen Z job seekers on LinkedIn said they expect commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion to 'be front and center' of a company's mission."